History and introduction of Tabriz Islamic Art University  

During the meeting of members of Supreme Council for the Cultural Revolution with the Supreme Leader and following his instructions on Islamic Art, the establishment of the Islamic Art University in Tabriz was approved and it was established in the buildings dedicated by the Supreme Leader, in the year adorned by the name of Imam Ali (as) (1999).

In line with the policy of expanding scientific and cultural spaces of Tabriz metropolitan and considering the university’s important mission to preserve, restore and maintain historical monuments dedicated by the Supreme Leader, the old and historic buildings of Khosravi leather factory (with an original area of 36,000 square meters and current area of 125,000 square meters) and ten other old houses in Maghsoudieh neighborhood (with an original area of 8000 square meters and current area of 22,000 square meters)were restored, reinforced and revived by the unremitting efforts of university professors, staff and students during past two decades and then provided to colleges for educational and research activities.


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