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Annual International Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, Environment and Horizons of Islamic Art in the Declaration of the Second Step of the Revolution as the largest, most authoritative and regular annual gathering in the field of civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, Islamic art and environment in the Middle East Is in Iran and Tabriz University of Islamic Art and intends to introduce the scientific and practical potential to improve the quality of architecture, structure, art and urban development, as well as to study the needs and requirements of education and take advantage of the above experiences and the achievements and gathering of professors, experts and managers, pave the way for the sustainable development of Iran and explain and implement a comprehensive roadmap in line with the conference axes in the field of the statement of the second step of the revolution.

This important international event since 1399 in line with the menus and instructions of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei on the declaration of the second step of the revolution annually and regularly and with the highest research and scientific standards and related licenses and in cooperation, Support for a considerable number of prestigious universities and research centers in Iran and the world with very high scientific and executive quality has been held by Tabriz University of Islamic Arts in cooperation with other prominent universities in the country and due to its high reputation and scientific support every year In the assemblies, relevant specialized sites and reputable domestic and foreign institutions are indexed and its scientific articles and achievements are recorded.



Despite the fact that two years have passed since the holding of this conference, now the researchers and professors of the country are trying to present their valuable scientific findings first in this important international event due to the credibility and high standards of this international conference. It makes the Secretariat of the Conference proud and adds to our responsibility to hold the next courses in the best and most glorious way possible. It is hoped that this conference as a scientific and effective step in achieving the above goals and paving the way for the promotion of knowledge in areas related to the defined axes and the scientific results obtained from it can be effective in advancing the country's scientific and cultural projects.


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