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In the Name of God

The revolution and the Islamic society need glorious and prominent art to communicate and state his secrets to his audience.

The Supreme Leader

According to the emphasis of the Supreme leader, one of the most important issues in the country in the 80s was the realization of a worthy Islamic identity. This university was established in 1387 AH according to his precious commands and emphasis on promoting spirituality in human life with the help of Islamic art.

If we look conceptually at the subject, you will see that it is understandable because, in every field in which art has entered, it has caused more permanence and impact, we should not forget he also believes that art is an expressive language for all subjects and especially complex subjects such as the revolution itself.

The most important necessity for this is the commands of the Supreme Leader in the field of art, which showed the same self-confidence that we saw in other areas of the revolution which the world noticed, in the field of industry, or the field of military industry, and the field of science.

In the field of art, if God wants, we can do things that are characteristic for the great nation of Iran and our great revolution, which is the goal of Tabriz Islamic Art University, and it will be shown at the Art and Handicrafts Exhibition of the Islamic World, which will hold recently at Tabriz Islamic Art University. The combination of art and industry in various fields of this university can be seen.

Industrial design is directly related to the industry, for example, the field of carpet is related to design trends, the economy and carpet market is linked to the carpet industry, architecture to the construction industry and so on. Tabriz Islamic Art University has established several entrepreneurship units of the university for more communication.

In addition, the Supreme Leader is concerned about preserving the traditional arts of the country, which many of them are unique, therefore, this university has undertaken this important task. Fields such as handicrafts and carpets are in this category.

Islamic art can transform our society in a fundamental way and in all fields such as science, culture, economics, technology, industry, etc., and most importantly, it can reduce the crises caused by epistemology. In our society Islamic art can be transformational in all fields such as science, culture, economics, technology, industry, etc, and above all, it can reduce epistemological crises.

Committed Islamic art can lead humans to the lofty goal of creation and fulfilled his mission, on the evolution of human beings. God willing.

Art and Culture are the spirits of civilization, and if we intend to move towards a new Islamic civilization, culture and art is the best way. Art is the best tool for building a new Islamic civilization, which is one of the concerns of the Supreme Leader.

According to the Supreme Leader’s guidelines in order to achieve a new Islamic civilization in the country, the following five steps are significant:

  1. The victory of the Islamic Revolution
  3. Stabilization of the Islamic Republic
  5. The realization of the Islamic state
  7. Realization of Islamic society
  9. Realization of modern Islamic civilization

At such a turning point, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution issued a “Statement of the second step of the revolution” to continue this path. He expressed the achievements of the first four decades of the revolution (first step) and gave basic recommendations for “continuous crusade to build a great Islamic Iran” in the second step of revolution which will be "the second stage of self-construction, socialization and civilization." God willing. And will mark the "new chapter of the life of the Islamic Republic", has been presented to the University of Islamic Iran.

According to the Supreme Leader "The most obvious means of honor and power of a country is knowledge and research". Therefore, this important issue should be considered in universities and we should start to solve the physical and spiritual needs of human beings with the focus on Islamic sciences, ethics, and spirituality, and upgrade our knowledge and technology achievements and serve the Islamic world.

We are at the beginning of this path, and God willing. With pure intention in the way of God's pleasure, we should cross the current borders in the field of Islamic art, Islamic architecture and Islamic urban planning and other related sciences, and may we soon are influential in the fields of the Islamic world. Now that, according to our Supreme Leader, "the cornerstone of a scientific revolution has been laid in the country and this revolution has given martyrs such as nuclear martyrs." Therefore, we must stand up and make a scientific crusade in the field of knowledge, research and technology.

Me as a servant of the scientific community of Islamic Borders and Ecology, I ask all the researchers and participants of this conference, which started with the focus on the statement of the second step of the revolution at the university and is a happy action, With the presence of young and revolutionary forces, new horizons of this valuable statement should be included in their program every year.

It is hoped that by prominent spiritual values in order to achieve a new Islamic civilization, researchers in various sciences will study all the statements of the second step of the revolution, which is a valuable treasure of strategic advice and principles, and link them with their specialized sciences and God willing, they will be effective in realizing the new Islamic civilization and the Iranian Islamic way of life, and will realize the Islamic art, architecture and urban planning with an identity. Peace and mercy of God be upon you.



Dr. Mohamad Ali Keynezhad

President of Tabriz Islamic Art University 

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